A Letter From St. Stephen’s CEO, Marilyn Mehaffie: Kicking Off National Family Week

Dear Friends,

At St. Stephen’s we have the privilege of witnessing how strong families uplift our community day in and day out, which is why this week is so important to us. National Family Week is a time for us to appreciate those families that have become pillars in our community by providing strength, support, and love to those around them.

The idea of a “family” can take on many forms, and I think we can agree that each family looks a little bit different. Despite the differences, one theme should remain constant- and that’s the idea that each person deserves to feel the sense of security, stability, and love that radiates within a family.

So, let’s take this week to say thank you to our families that continue bring our community together. Let’s honor the strong relationships around us, and let’s reflect on ways that we can continue to strengthen those bonds- because at St. Stephen’s we believe that strong families lead to endless opportunities.

From our family to yours,

Marilyn Mehaffie

CEO, St. Stephen’s Community House

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