A Story of Hope

A single father named Tom entered the lobby of St. Stephen’s last week. He was in need of many resources, but came to us in search of food for himself and his bright-eyed two-year-old daughter.

Tom had a 30-minute walk to St. Stephen’s, braving the frigid weather in hopes of feeding his family. Because of the donations and support we receive from the community, we were able to give him a 7-day bus pass, a bag of blankets, toys, and various hygiene items, and we also registered him for the food pantry.

As we sent Tom off, we couldn’t help but notice the relief that spread over his face.

At St. Stephen’s we want to be a safe haven for families like Tom’s, and we need your help to provide these families with not only resources, but with hope for the future. Please consider donating so that we are able to lighten the load for as many families in Linden as possible. Click  here  if you are interested in brightening a life today.

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