Important Information Regarding Christmas Cares Registration


As the holiday season approaches, we look forward to kicking off Christmas Cares registration on Thursday, November 14th! This year, you will have the opportunity to register for both food and Firefighters 4 Kids toys.

If you would like to register for both Firefighters 4 Kids toys and food, we recommend waiting until toy registration is open so that you are able to do it all in one trip.  If you come in and register for food before toy registration is open, you will have to come in again and register for toys separately.

Updates for toy registration can be found here as well as our social media accounts:

Instagram: @ssch1919

Twitter: @ssch1919

Facebook:  St. Stephens Community House

We appreciate your patience and we look forward to serving you and your family this Christmas!

Questions? Call us at 614-294-6347.

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