Dignity: Summer STEM Camp

Our value that were focusing on this month is “Dignity,” which we define as “recognizing the inherent value of all people.” We were honored to have the opportunity to recognize the value of the children in our community and serve them with dignity this summer at Summer STEM Camp.

A student at Summer STEM Camp learning about insects!

Camp looked different than usual this year. Our camp that usually had 150-200 children registered was reduced to 62 students. Our classrooms that usually held an entire class, were each limited to 9 students to ensure social distancing. Many of the programs were moved to virtual programs. Despite these hurdles and hardships, our staff was determined to hold this camp, while keeping both staff and students safe.




Due to the hard work and dedication of the staff, this Summer STEM Camp created the normalcy that many of these students desperately needed. Tommy Ferguson, our Education Coordinator, said

“We were able to offer stability, consistency, and close to normal interaction. Many of these parents and children were grateful for the opportunity.”

Mr. Ferguson also said that despite the challenges within the camp, he believed the camp also prepared students for practices that would take place when they were back to school, “socially distancing and wearing masks is a big adjustment for students, I think this camp will help them adjust when schools open back up,” said Tommy.

The summer of 2020 was unlike any other, but we were proud to be able to provide an experience that allowed our students to learn and grow during these unprecedented times.

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