Faith In Action

July marked the halfway point of 2020 and at St. Stephen’s we took time to reflect on the first half of the year. During this reflection, we realized that during these times where it seems that things are changing every day, St. Stephen’s has remained consistent and strong. We do this by living through our values. Over the next six months we will continue to not only tell, but also show just how important these values are.

In July, we focused on our core value of Faith. When asked who exemplified this value, Tommy Ferguson was the first to come to mind. Our Director of Marketing and Development, Natalie Atkins, had the following to say about Tommy in relation to Faith:

  “We define this value as,’ Living our faith through service to others and love of neighbor.’  Tommy is the first person to lend a hand to a colleague, and the first person to ask, “How can I do more?” I’m grateful to not only call him a colleague, but a friend to walk in faith with.”

We then shifted our focus to Ms. O, and asked her what she believed ‘faith in action” meant.” Ms. O stated:

“Faith in action is the unmitigated belief in something manifested by doing. St. Stephen’s Community House responded to COVID-10 without hesitation. Governor Dewine closed the schools on March 16th and SSCH opened its pantry doors to the community the same day, with new safety protocols and procedures. This is but one act of faith in action. SSCH had faith we could and would continue to creatively provide multiple services and linkage to resources to the families with proudly serve in Linden and throughout Columbus.”

These testimonials are just a few of the thousands of lives that have been touched by St. Stephen’s, and we look forward to sharing more of these stories over the next few months. Up next: Dignity.

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