In a Crisis, Miracles CAN Happen

“In a crisis, miracles can happen.”

Those are the words that were spoken by our CEO, Marilyn Mehaffie, as she watched the staff at St. Stephen’s Community House work to serve over 130 families in just one day at our Food and Nutrition Center. It is no secret that these are difficult times, but one place that it is easy to find hope is under our roof- or in this case, outside of our pantry. It’s true that everything feels different right now, but as consumers line up to pick up their food boxes, the fire to serve our community is a familiar and welcomed feeling. The St. Stephen’s family does not waiver in times of adversity; we overcome, we forge on, and we make miracles happen.


SSCH staff wears protective gear, keeping our staff and community safe.

Everyone probably has a different thought that comes to mind when they think about what a “miracle” is, but what does it mean to us? It means that while children are out of school, adults are out of work, resources are harder to come by, and nearly everything is shut down, we are able to perform at a capacity that we never have before. With so much to worry about, is it anything less than a miracle that St. Stephen’s is able to remove the burden of food insecurity for over 500 people in just one day? During this crisis, we have been able to serve double the “typical” number served in a single day and to us, that is a miracle.

We could not have this conversation about miracles without talking about where this magic comes from. To our staff members that are here day in and day out, smiling under the surgical masks; thank you. To the volunteers that have helped fill hundreds of food boxes; thank you. To  Buckeye Health Plan  for generously donating $2,500,  The Catholic Foundation  for their continued support and gift of $10,000, and to all donors that are reaching into their own pockets in this time of need; thank you. Each act we perform for our community is a small miracle, but it has been a blessing to be a part of such a big one.   We will get through this crisis, one miracle at a time. 


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