Our 2020 Vision: #Love4Linden

Dear Friends,

In 2019, we spoke a lot about our mission: “To strengthen families and empower our community.” Since we are now in 2020 it seems only proper to highlight our vision (2020…20/20 vision, get it? 😊) So, here is our vision, and it’s a big one…

Linden becomes a community of togetherness with endless opportunities.

In 2020, we will strive to empower our community through increasing our outreach and engagement not only to make sure services are provided; but also, to drive our vision.

St. Stephen’s Community cannot accomplish this vision alone; we continue to strengthen the partnerships we have established as well as seek to establish new relationships so together we can be good stewards to the community we call home. To make a good neighborhood a great neighborhood – we need to work collectively and effectively. We are a community with families residing in homes passed on from generation to generation. We are a community where families want to reside and raise their children. We are a community with seniors who want to age in place. We are a community of voices that matter, and opinions that matter.

As our community becomes a neighborhood of evolution; St. Stephen’s Community House

614 for Linden Grant Partners meet with community members to discuss the opportunities the grant provides to the community in January. The next open house will take place on February 15th from 10 AM – 12 PM at St. Stephen’s Community House

also continues to evolve. We have partnered with SMART Columbus, who is reinventing mobility with innovative transportation options connecting the Linden community. We continue to expand our community engagement through Community Dinners, Open Houses supporting the 614 for Linden

Grant, and partnering with New Salem Baptist Church and the Community of Caring Development Foundation to hold the Linden Community Festival again this year. We continue to support the South Area Linden Commission and other community-centered programs and initiatives.

Developing leaders for this community has become a priority for SSCH; we are very excited to be launching into our 2nd cohort

St. Stephen’s Community House staff passes out pizza at the agency’s 100th birthday celebration in August.

of the Neighborhood Leadership Academy in conjunction with United Way of Central Ohio. Identifying residents who have a passion and vision for their community participate in an 8-week program providing the knowledge and skills to become a voice for voiceless and become the next leaders of Linden.

We have #Love4Linden and we know you do, too.  We hope you will join us in our vision this year. Stay tuned and follow us on social media and check out our website for the latest on what is happening here in Linden and at St. Stephen’s Community House.




To Brightening Lives,

Marilyn J. Mehaffie


St. Stephen’s Community House

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