Our Big Heroes: Al and Chasity

The Big Give, Big Heroes is a social media contest hosted by the Columbus Foundation. These nominations are made by our employees, in their words. 

Chasity and Al both began working part-time at St. Stephen’s Community House for the Summer Youth Employment Program in June of 2012. As that first summer ended, they made it clear that they found a new home at St. Stephen’s and would be back. Over the last eight years Chasity and Al have both volunteered for different fundraisers and events that have occurred at St. Stephen’s, showing that their dedication and love for our community far exceeded a paycheck.

As COVID-19 hit our state and things began to close, they didn’t hesitate to jump into action. As full-time Columbus City School employees, they now had more flexibility in their schedule and wanted to find a way to give back.

With visits to our Food and Nutrition Center increasing tremendously we were in desperate need of assistance to serve our community neighbors looking for food. Since the onset of the pandemic here in central Ohio, Chasity and Al have volunteered countless hours each week in our Food and Nutrition Center. They are now familiar faces in the FNC and are loved by staff, fellow volunteers, and our neighbors who are receiving food. Their positive attitudes, team spirit, and motivation exude what we look to represent at St. Stephen’s each day.

Their hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed. They have been a true blessing to our agency and that’s why they are our Big Heroes.

Nominated by: Amy Kerns, Director of Neighborhood Services, St. Stephen’s Community House

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