Our Big Heroes: Ms. Addo

The Big Give is a social media contest hosted by the Columbus Foundation. These nominations are made by our employees, in their words. 

My “Big Hero”  has been affiliated with St. Stephens Community House since her teens, she knows the ins and out of St. Stephen’s Community House and the Linden community. She is always willing to pitch in wherever and whenever possible, and no job is too small or too large for Ms. Addo.

Let me share our story, when I started at St. Stephen’s in 2017, my mother had just passed. When I received the promotion to Community Service Worker, it seemed I would not finish the Community Connector Program due to not meeting with the requirements of hours. I spoke with Ms. Addo about the importance of completion, since I was taking the class during the time my mom was alive and had to take my final exam the day after her passing. I was torn because completing this would honor my mother, but this would the first time in my life my mom would not be there to share the glory. Ms. Addo understood my desire and worked with the City of Columbus to assure I could successfully complete the program and move into my new position.

Along with her support in major life milestones, she is thoughtful in small ways as well. During a meeting in 2018, a coworker was going on about her new cup that could keep things hot and cold for 24 hours. I mentioned when we could splurge, I may get one. The next a found a back and a note from Ms. Addo, with the amazing cup inside which I still use today. I told Ms. Addo jokingly that my husband was fighting me for the cup, and the following day Ms. Addo had purchased a cup for my husband. 

While on an outing with over 20 people we serve, one of the consumers we serve lashed out and targeted me at the event. It was a critical situation and called my supervisor Ms. Addo. I think she heard in my voice things had gone wrong and that I felt threatened. She calmly told me she was on her way, she seemed to appear in less than 15 minutes and calmed this situation took the family home allow for me and other staff to continue with the activities that our families. Not only is she a Big Hero, but I think she may have superpowers! 

Finally, in February 2020, my 12-year-old grandson was accidentally shot and killed, leaving my life forever changed. I placed the call to Ms. Addo, to let her know what had happened. She not only offered to hold the repass at St. Stephen’s to take the burden off of my family, but gave me a place to process, vent, cry, and move forward at my own pace.

I believe since my arrival at St. Stephens in 2017, Ms. Addo has both mentored and groomed me for my current role, and become an unbelievable support system. She is my big hero. 

Nominated by: Mrs. Vanitia Turner, Family-to-Family South Site Coordinator

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