St. Stephen’s Community House: The Young Professionals Board

St. Stephen’s Community House has an engaged volunteer base of young people that want to have a greater impact on the agency. SSCH Young Professionals operate under three pillars: Volunteering and Community Engagement, Fundraising, and Professional Development.

Young Professionals Board Officers

The Board of Trustees approved the addition of a sub-committee of the board, the St. Stephen’s Community House Young Professionals, whose purpose is to elevate the agency’s fundraising, community engagement, and volunteer initiatives. Members of the committee have no voting power on the board of trustees, but are welcome to attend board meetings and are encouraged to participate in agency initiatives alongside our Board of Trustees.

Alex Franco Chair

Alex Franco


Jordan Callicotte

Crystal Vincent Development Committee Chair

Crystal Vincent

Development Committee Chair
Graham Bowman, Volunteer Committee Chair

Graham Bowman

Volunteer Committee Chair
Bryan Morton, Professional Development Chair

Bryan Morton

Professional Development Chair

Young Professionals Board Members

Ray Rhone,  Zoe Chilton, Levi Hairston