United For Impact: Tae and Brittany

Brittany* is one of over one hundred students in our Achieve More and Prosper, or A.M.P. program. Students enrolled in this program receive year-round support, but are also matched with a paid summer internship. For students that already have an idea of what they want to do after high school, A.M.P. coaches match their students with internships that align with their passions.

SSCH AMP Intern at Columbus Crew Stadium

When Brittany sat down with Tae, her A.M.P. coach, she had expressed interest in running a day care center. Tae was able to connect Brittany to a local business for her summer internship. This opportunity was not only a great resume booster, but it gave Brittany a chance to learn what her day-to-day life as a care provider would look like.

Other than the great experience and opportunity to explore the field, the local business was able to set up a real business plan for her future daycare and they were able to provide steps for her to move toward her goals.

“She was beyond excited and motivated to continue with her business aspirations since completing her internship. It is truly amazing to see how students have been able to follow their dreams with the A.M.P. program, and with coaches motivating them along the way,” said Tae.

We are in the middle of our United For Impact campaign, and your donation will help students like Brittany pursue their dreams. Learn more and donate here! 

**Name changed to protect the privacy of the student. 
The Achieve More and Prosper Program is funded by Franklin County Job and Family Services

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