Values In Action

Over the last 6 months, we have experienced unprecedented circumstances. Though it is easy to focus on the negative, we want to learn from these hardships and reflect on how we can make the next six months, and beyond, better.  At St. Stephen’s Community House, our six core values are:

Faith– We live our faith through service to others and love of neighbor.
Dignity– We recognize the inherent value of all people.
Connections– We build and maintain lasting relationships.
Security– We seek long-term stability for our families, our community and our organization.
Advocacy– We stand as a voice for the voiceless in Linden.
Impact– We commit to meet the ever changing needs of our community.

Our goal for the second half of this year is to show you how we live and serve through these values.

Despite all that has transpired this year, we must look forward. There have been moments where we can appreciate our strength and resiliency as people, and those are the moments that will guide us to a better tomorrow. Through all of this, St. Stephen’s Community House has been and will continue to be a pillar of support in our community. Please follow along on our social media platforms (@SSCH1919) as we highlight the programs and the people that make our organization all that it is. We look forward with hope, and we are excited to showcase the action behind our values.

To Strengthening Families and Empowering Our Community. 

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