Strengthening Foundations

The St. Stephen’s Community House Capital Campaign 


Strengthening Foundations

Since 1982, St. Stephen’s has been operating out of our 63,000 square foot building. In the 40 years we’ve been in this location, minimal upgrades and repairs have been made. After multiple building assessments, roof damages causing significant leaks and internal damage, and an overall need for upgrades, we have decided to enter a three year Capital Campaign with a goal of raising 7 million dollars. 


ROOF: With much of our roof in need of a full replacement, we see significant leaks in the building whenever it rains. 

HVAC: After a full assessment on our HVAC system, we have discovered that all 24 of our roof top units are in need of replacement. A majority of the units are only partially functional, causing inconsistent temperatures and more expensive energy bills. 

Interior/Exterior Renovations: Our community and our staff deserve a calm, comfortable place to provide and receive assistance. Our total refresh of the building will include new paint, furniture, flooring, and other miscellaneous cosmetic upgrades that will ensure each person that walks through our doors has a dignified experience. 


We can’t complete this campaign without community support! As we get further into the campaign, make sure you are staying in the loop by clicking the button below and signing up for updates. If you have interest in supporting this campaign and would like to speak with staff at SSCH, please email Madison Massey at!